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About Felton

Felton is a small redwood-shaded town of about 4,000 residents located in Santa Cruz County atop the Santa Cruz Mountains. Redwood trees have been a staple in this town’s rich history and are still celebrated today. Two of Felton’s biggest attractions are a zip-line ride that runs through the town’s redwood forest, and a train ride that takes visitors through the old routes steam-engine trains took to haul logged redwoods out of the area. Lying just east of Bonnie Doon’s wine country, Felton real estate is also home to Rocky’s Café and their famed fruit pancakes. The area has been identified as a “Sasquatch” sighting area which draws tons of Bigfoot enthusiasts to the town each year. Felton homes and their residents enjoy classic Mediterranean weather occasionally mixed with cool winds and fog that come off the Pacific Ocean and roll over the Santa Cruz Mountains. Felton real estate is accessed by Highway 9 which joins Highway 1 and Highway 17, connecting the town to the nearby areas of Ben Lomond, Scotts Valley, and Santa Cruz. The town’s public educational needs are met by the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District and in addition have a preschool, two private schools and a charter school. Find Felton homes on the market by searching the town’s 95018 zip code and you can also Find An Agent familiar with the area.

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