Find Your Place in California


Buying: Before You Buy, Prepare

Preparation + Experience = Successful process

Talk to mortgage brokers

Many first-time home buyers don’t take the time to get prequalified or shop around to find the best mortgage for their situation. It’s important that you do that. Also, ask questions to make sure you understand the home loan process completely. It can be complicated, but not impossible when you prepare.

Be ready to move

This is especially true in markets such as ours with a low inventory of homes for sale. You will likely have to make a quick decision or risk losing the home you want.

Find a trusted partner

It is vital that you find a real estate professional who understands your goals and who is ready and able to guide you through the home buying process.

Factor maintenance and repair costs into your buying budget

Even brand-new homes will require some work. Don’t leave yourself short or underestimate your impending costs.

Develop your home/neighborhood wish list

Prioritize these items from most important to least important.

Select where you want to live

Compile a list of three or four neighborhoods you’d like to live in, take into account nearby schools, recreational facilities, area expansion plans, and safety.