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About Stanislaus County

Located in the Central Valley, Stanislaus County has beautiful real estate and exceptional county services. As grows it encourages residents to grow with it. Named after nearby Stanislaus River, the county’s soil is rich, paired with the great weather the area provides, it’s no wonder why agriculture is the main industry. However, the Stanislaus County Economic Development Unit was formed and tasked with creating economic growth in other industries including high-tech, retail, regional tourism and more. Stanislaus County has many amenities and outlets for the county’s residents and growing families. There are more than 100 city- and county-run parks and several shopping districts lined with varying shops and restaurants. The county is home to amazing festivals and events including the city of Modesto’s famed “Graffiti Summer.” Transportation between cities like Modesto, Turlock, and Oakdale is possible through public transit options, as well as the many Interstates and State Highways that service the county. Stanislaus County’s commitment to growth, wonderful amenities, and beautiful landscape make for a quality of life desired by many. Use our site to Find An Agent who is familiar with Stanislaus County real estate.

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Homes Recently Listed In Stanislaus County

$75,000 Active 19 Days on Site Land 0.92 Acres Lot
Agent: Sheril Carmona Phone: (209) 384-3885
$4,672,500 Pending 39 Days on Site Land 267.554 Acres Lot
Agent: Daniel Maciel Phone: (209) 668-0501
$8,995,000 Active 46 Days on Site Land 316 Acres Lot
Agent: David Sousa Phone: (209) 668-0501
$119,000 Active 17 Days on Site Land 8,000 Sq Ft Lot
Agent: Angela Garcia Phone: (408) 607-1574
$899,000 Active 90 Days on Site Land 3.75 Acres Lot
Agent: Victoria Bedoy Duenas Phone: (209) 581-3408
$3,565,000 Active 35 Days on Site Land 4195 Acres Lot
Agent: Danielle Davenport Phone: (408) 888-7794
$65,000 Active 129 Days on Site Land 0.35 Acres Lot
Agent: Sheyna Dumas Phone: (925) 864-0167
$799,000 Active 147 Days on Site Land 4.37 Acres Lot
Agent: Suke Sanghera Phone: (209) 668-2525
$430,000 Pending 223 Days on Site Land 19.26 Acres Lot
Agent: David Sousa Phone: (209) 668-0501
$1,600,000 Contingent 224 Days on Site Land 191.74 Acres Lot
Agent: Peter Hall Phone: (831) 402-7776
$549,500 Active 179 Days on Site Land 646.4 Acres Lot
Agent: Douglas Lucas Phone: (209) 988-5500
$6,311,680 Active 322 Days on Site Land 197.24 Acres Lot
Agent: Jason Durjava Phone: (209) 667-6111
$20,000 Pending 396 Days on Site Land 3,584 Sq Ft Lot
Agent: Alifonso Mendoza Phone: (209) 358-6429
$50,000 Pending 401 Days on Site Land 0.345 Acres Lot
Agent: Tammy Tengs Phone: (760) 219-3313
$1,700,000 Active 418 Days on Site Land 8.2 Acres Lot
Agent: Chris Macdonald Phone: (209) 410-9650
$1,700,000 Active 671 Days on Site Land 8.2 Acres Lot
Agent: Chris Macdonald Phone: (209) 496-9200